Saturday, February 18, 2017

Best Western Premier Genting Highland V-Day Staycation

Valentines of year 2017 is a special occation for us, after all (wedding i mean), we are now Mr&Mrs!

Usually I won't spesifiy this celebration, 
but as this is the first valentines after married,
I think its good to make it special for us. 
As usual I am still the idea creator~πŸ™„
(okie, i never ever get any suprise from him as well...)
But I really do enjoy the arrangement that Me myself did! Also I have to thank my hubby for taking his days off from work to go for this short staycation with me! 
My destination for the staycation is not far, Uncle Lim's homey-Genting Highland!

The main purpose we go there is for the newly opened Hotel-Best Western Primier Genting Highland~ 
I reserved the room via which is offering the best price! I booked an one bedroom suite without brekkie at around RM28X.XX ( but i'll suggest to better book with breakkie which is more worth, b'coz the next morning we went for walk in breakfast buffet it charged us RM9X.XX for two heads. )

The location for this new hotel is not near to Genting Highland actually, which my initial plan as staying there while i can go genting's sky avenue for a walk was totally not possible! FYI, they are not in a walking distance somemmore driving will takes about 10-15minutes. 😐 The roads to the hotel is small and crowd and DANGEROUS due to the seriously crazy fogs! We were so concerntrating while my hubby was driving due to the crazy fogginess! 
The temperature there is much more lower than genting highland, which is about 13-16celcius with the super strong wind blowing to you all time! So as we touched down the hotel and checked in, we decided to stay here without going anywhere again. ( probably be'coz of we were just here during cny with friends, nothing much attract us there as well.)
The suite that we booked is spacious, cozy and comfortable! It comes with a kitchen, a bathroom(but no bathtub πŸ›€ ), a dining place, a living area and also a balcony. I have nothing to complain for the room.
As we checked in and setting down everything. We decided to go for a swim. WHAT? Yes! swim!
The best for this hotel-Warm&salt water pool!!! 🏊 
We enjoyed the swim even though outside was like a big freezer for us! I think this is a must do for all the guest here~
After swim we were freezing&hungry like crazy. So I quickly prepare our DIY hot pot for Valentines dinner! (actually is just a simple dinnerπŸ˜“as we eat like hungry ghost also, no such romantic whatever.)
But still luckily I managed to take a nice pic before it being disastered. 
FYI, their kitchen only privided a mini bar, some glasses, cups and those coffee, teas and mixtures, a kettle, oh well a sink for washing only. So we do brought all our own "ka cang" for this hot pot dinner.
The chocolatas on the table was a gift from the hotel!

After dinner, we went out the balcony for some freezing air blowing session. Which it only can last for 10-15minutes then close window hide in blanket. πŸ˜“

The next morning, we woke up late and buy ourselve a late breakfast buffet at the restaurant named "Kembali". Which is quite an usual hotel breakfast buffet for us. About 11.30am we decided to head back KL as evening I still have classes to go on. 
By the time we checked out, the temperature is.... 14celcius! And the view was still foggy and unclear. Luckily the condition get better after we passed by Genting's Firstworld. 

This is my valentines for this year! Nothing suprise nothing too special, but a memorable occasion which might made me remember this day!